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The BioBag is Certified Compostable as is primarily used for the collection of organic waste. Each bag is fully certified to be 100% compostable and 100% biodegradable. This product is compliant with the ASTM D6400 specification in order to claim compostability.  Available in many sizes and thicknesses to fit your needs.



The  125 L BioBag measure 750 mm (30’’)  x 1150 mm (45″)

Each 125 L Roll Contains 5 Bags

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Compare is proud to be a distributor for BioBag Products. BioBag products are certified organic and will compost rapidly. BioBag is the world’s most recognized brand of compostable and biodegradable bags, made from the material Mater-Bi.


• BioBags are made from GMO free starch.
• BioBags are produced from biodegradable polymer and other renewable resources.
• No polyethene is used in the production process of BioBags.
• BioBag products meet ASTM D6400 specifications
• BioBags are DEN certified for restricted use of metals in the soy-based inks and dyes used.

*Due to the nature of the compostability of these bags, please use within one year of purchase and store in a cool, dry location

Plastic bags are choking the earth, filling up our landfills, leaching chemicals into our water and food supplies! Let’s work together to make the SMALL changes that make a BIG impact on the planet.


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Our Love Affair with BioBags… BioBag is the largest certified compostable brand of 100% compostable bags for kitchen, yard and pet waste. BioBag is a world leader in providing bags and films for the collection of organic waste for the purpose of composting. Unlike regular plastic, BioBags are made from plants, vegetable oils & Mater-Bi and can be consumed by micro-organisms that live in our soils. Because of this, our bags can also be readily composted along with organic waste in municipal composting facilities. BioBag isn't a large petroleum- based plastic bag company that now conveniently dabbles in the new business of compostable bags. We are, instead, a small company of dedicated employees, who are fully committed to ONLY producing certified compostable bags and films.
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