E-Power Eco Pots

Asaka E-Power presents tomorrow’s propagation Methods. We present our fully biodegradable seedling pots made of the industry Ellepot paper. With the bio degradable and certified Ellepot paper, the cultivator or plant grower will experience a number of benefits, which will help the crops grow faster and healthier.

Our Eco pots made from Ellepot paper can be transplanted directly into the ground and thereby eliminating transplant shock. Due to the fact that transplantation is fast and smooth, you can experience a significant reduction in labor costs. Our studies show that logistics costs can actually be reduced by up to 40%, simply by switching from plastic to paper pots.

  • Faster root development
  • Healthier plants with natural radicular architecture
  • Reduced mortality to less than 5%
  • No transplant shock
  • Faster transplanting
  • Green and fully sustainable solution
Using the Eco pots made from Ellepot Paper you can grow any crop type.

For Forestry:

Eco pots used in agroforestry will provide a wide range of benefits for businesses and forestry departments. This will include but not be limited to healthier and stronger root development, faster transplanting and cost savings

Pot and Bedding:

You can successfully grow your pot and bedding crops faster and healthier with the Ellepot solution. The plants will be more uniform and the crop timing will be improved.

Furthermore the Ecopot acts as a container for the plant thereby eliminating transplant shock – resulting in a faster and more uniform rooting.

  • Faster and healthier rooting
  • Faster turn on benches
  • Easy patching/sorting
  • Higher uniformity of plants.



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With the Ecopot almost any type of vegetable can be grown. The Eco Pot from Ellepot paper  for lettuce, tomatoes, eggplants, cucumber and peppers among others.  The benefits of using Ellepots for vegetables include plant yields up to 15-20% higher, improved crop timing and faster root development. For instance, our tomato study demonstrated a significant improvement in root development and up to 50% faster germination.

  • Faster germination
  • Improved crop timing
  • Up to 15-20% higher yield per plant
  • Healthier and strong root development

Other Crops:

Apart from the three areas mentioned above, we also provide eco pots for other crops providing the same quality high quality and service. These other crops include cocoa, coffee, tea, fruit, sugarcane, cashew, sorghum, soybean, shrubs and many more.

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